Basics of Interior Design

Interior Design can be defined as the method or the manner in which a space can be organised so that it is both comfortable to use as well as good to look at. It’s an art that requires both creativity and technicality. The choice of colours, furniture and its layout, wall and floor accessories, lighting options and much more is a part of Interior Design. In fact, anything that can enhance the beauty of the space is considered to be a part of Interior Design. It is important to understand what the desired space is going to be used for and what is the taste of the owner and then planning needs to be done accordingly. Interior Design broadly comprises of these seven elements:-

Space – Anything that is fitted or fixed comes under this category, for example walls, windows, doors etc. It is the base upon which designing needs to be done.

Light – Any form of light that lights up the desired space comes under this category, natural as well as artificial. Light alone plays a vital role in Interior Designing. It is very important to have sufficient light and to highlight certain parts of the space with the help of light. This can be done naturally through windows and artificially through ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps etc.

Form – Form can be defined as the outer boundary of an architectural designing that can be measured in height, width and depth. Form mainly consists of Volume, scale and finish.

Texture – Texture means how the surface area feels like, it could look rough, smooth, glossy, velvety etc. When we speak of texture in Interior designing, we mainly speak of wall coverings, flooring and finishes. Lighting and texture together pay an important role.

Colour – Proper usage of colours in the desired space can do wonders to the Interior designing. It includes everything, right from the colours of the walls to the fabric used in the furniture. Different colour combinations can be used to highlight a particular area or an object.

Furniture – The selection of right furniture depends upon the taste of the owner. It needs to be both comfortable and beautiful as well as blending with the rest of the decor of the room.

Objects – Objects are accessories used to reflect ones taste. It could be a painting, a flower vase or any other piece of decoration that is used to enhance the beauty of the space.

If all these seven elements are put together in the right manner, an ordinary space can be turned into an extra ordinary piece of designing.

A successful Interior designing is a result of proper usage of all these factors, if any one of these elements are neglected, it can lead to an unsatisfactory Interior Design.

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