Modern Design Trend

A trend in interior designing is referred to a contemporary style or method used to design a space, which is appreciated both by the user as well as the designer. It is a style which is much talked about in the magazines, at exhibitions and by journalists. A trend may include a particular method, colour or colours, texture, material, shape and much more.

According to me the current trend is “contemporary modern” which includes the method of clear and defined designing with adequate use of colours. For example, modern kitchens are preferred with mostly dark colour wood work and silver colour accessories. It is very common to highlight one wall or a portion of the wall in the room with wallpaper, different texture, colour, 3d wall paper, wood work etc. In the bed room mostly the wall behind the bed is highlighted whereas in the living room, the wall or a part of the wall behind the couch or the T.V. unit or fireplace are highlighted. The use of silver colour metal is also really in these days. Modern and abstract art is preferred on the walls. Significant use of glass is made in furniture, wall art, lighting fixtures and other accessories. The furniture is mostly simple with solid colour fabric and a centre table with a glass top.

Wallpaper is very popular and is considered to be a significant part of “contemporary modern” designing. A huge variety of wallpaper is available in the market today. 3d effect wallpaper is also gaining a lot of popularity, in one of the pictures above 3d effect wallpaper has been used. Wallpaper is mostly used on one wall of the space to be decorated.

At the end I can say that the current trend is to have simple and elegant furniture with solid colour fabric with wood, metal and glass accessories and this can be very clearly seen in the pictures. It is important to highlight a part of the space with one of the given colours, wallpaper, tiles or any other material. It is a must to have adequate lighting in the space with minimum wall and floor accessories. I have also given a few pictures of modern wall art that has been gaining popularity.

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